Monday, 22 December 2014

Analogue Painting Challenge V - My 1st..... Small entry.

Well I did say it was small, didn't I. This poor chap is my entry into the "Cold" bonus round.
I hadn't planned to enter into this round, because I didn't think I had anything to use, then Postie suggested one of the many dead figures I have for my Donnybrook excursion.
Well I suppose you can't get any more cold than this can you?
Looking at some of the other entrance I've got as much chance of finishing in the top 10, as Fran buying a round next time we go out!!
but there you go, I'm just pleased to finally gets some points on the board, although they're not up yet
and I'm currently languishing in 59th place!
Oh woe is me!

The figure represents a soldier from Kirke's regt also known as the Tangiers regt
They were raised in 1661 and spent 22 years garrisoning Tangiers from 1662 to 1684.
The figure a from Reiver Castings

Friday, 12 December 2014

My Prize - The Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697

Back in October I was very lucky (again) to win another Blog Giveaway. I've never won anything in my life.......honest?
Ian over at "The Blog with No Name", held  a competition and the first prize was a £20 voucher to spend on the lovely Baccus website.
Now here's where a difficult decision had to be made, what to spend the dosh on, I did have a 6mm Great Northern War list all worked out, the trouble was it cost an extra £30 on top of the 20 quid voucher!, so after slapping myself around the face several times I looked again, the WotR figures looked nice as well, this prompted another slap around the moosh.
In the end I used my head.....well kind of??
You may be aware I've got a Nine Years War thang going on at the moment, well I have for 4 years now?? I've got enough troops now for both sides, but its nice to expand isn't it??
 So I had the choice of Dutch ( I already have some Dutch units) or Spanish?
Hmmm Spanish?
Now the Spaniards did infact have quite a sizeable army in Flanders during the war and fought in many battles (this is what I was telling myself, as I was trawling the website)
So the decision was made, and a few days later my CD arrived in the post, its full of uniform info and flags, so its right up my street, but the question is...............which unit do I paint up first???

Thanks to Ian and Peter at Baccus