Saturday, 29 August 2015

Da da da......He's back?? & Kirke's Lambs

As you may now all be aware, the Mad Irishman Fran is back. I spoke to the old git yesterday, he said he'd be online in around a week, but the lying git is back now!!! I'm sure over the coming weeks he'll explain his near 9 month absence from Blogland, the tit!
You really could write a film about his exploits!
Anyway, he said he's been going crazy with no internet these past months, but at least he's hit the brush bigtime, (unlike myself!) painting nearly all his leadpile, including the lovely placard holders above!!! ggggrrrr!
The Arse!

Lastly Loki, posted this pic on Facebook, he's painting up these Warfare Miniatures figures  and others representing Kirk's Lambs & the Tangiers Horse for some lucky sod's Donnybrook excursion???


Friday, 21 August 2015

5 Years of Don't throw a 1!!!

It sort of slipped by me unnoticed, but at the beginning of this month was my blogs 5th Birthday!!
Cheers for all the support chap and chappesses!

and now for the boobs.........

Image result for birthday tits