Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rejects on Tour - SELWG 2015

On Sunday Rejects Surj, Ian, Postie and myself drove up to Crystal Palace for our annul trip to SELWG.
I bought a few bits and bobs during the day, I'll show off my new shinies later in the week. I ended up with a sore throat at the end of the day, I did more chatting than buying!
Also, I got to try out my new camera, well its actually my mobile, but its got a better camera than my actual camera??? So hence the funny shaped pics!

The Queue

A Reject hug
Surg, Ian & Postie

The main hall, we got in early, it got a lot busier than this.

Just in the door and we met fellow Rejects, BigLee, Clint,
little Miss BigLee (Padwan Emily) and Tamsin.
I also met up with a few other Bloggers througout the day, Alastair from A Wargaming Gallimaufry, Al from The Wargaming Shed and Steve, partner in crime of Steve from The NorseyGamer

A waited a few hours to take pics of the games to get some action shots.
The first game and my personal favorite was from 
Loughton Strike Force - Waterloo

Crush the Kaiser - Hey Gringo
I quite fancy having a go at this Pancho Villa and all???

Random Shot No1

Southend Wargames Club - Capitan 18th Century Naval

Capitan's new ship, its a big one! all made from MDF???

Gravesend Wargames Club -  The Battle of St Alfege's Abbey
Phil, Reece and Chums!

Maidstone Wargames Society - James Bond on skis!

Deal Wargames Club - Prison Break, Los Banos, The Philippines 1945

Semi Naked Japanese soldiers exercising in the yard!!

Random Shot No 2

Newbury & Reading Wargame Society - Warlords of the First Crusade

Staines Wargames Club - Outrageous Fortune, Agincourt 1415

Tamsin got in on the action.

Peter Pig - Hammerin' Iron ACW Naval 1861-65

Peter Pig again - PBI WWII

Random Shot No 3

Friday Night Firefight - Malifaux

And Lee's (from Harold's Revenge) game..
Revenants v Vikings

Loved the tree

TWWS - Very French Civil War

SEEMS - The Relief of Helios IV

"I'm just gonna suck on his metal thing"
said a lady these two chaps knew!!!

Crawley Wargames Club -  WWI Stretcher Bearer

A Return to Axanar - Star Trek game, not sure who these guys were??

Simon Miller - To The Strongest, Athens v Sparta

Warlords - Stingray

Shepway Wargames - The Destruction of Congo

Robert Dunlop - 6mm WWI
This game looked very impressive!!

Society of Ancients - The Battle of Paraitacene 317 BC

Random Shot No 4

GLC Gamers Club - ECW, The Battle of Nantwich 1644

Random Shot No 5
The Bring & Buy, quite late in the day

I bought a few bits & bobs from Parkfield, then Postie came along, flipped 
open his fat wallet....bang goes £130! 
Posties list had a few old figure codes, Poor Simon, was getting a little flustered !
And no he doesn't take credit cards!