Thursday, 29 September 2016

Donnybrook - The Villagers

A few more figures for my Donnybrook collection from the fair hand of Fran.
The first 5 from the left are from Redoubt Enterprises, I think the child is from Reiver Castings
and the lad on the right is definitely a Foundry figure.

These along with a few others will defend their village with their lives!
Well that's the plan anyway???

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Skirmish Sept 16 - Swag

Just a quick post, showing off the Swag I picked up at Skirmish last Sunday. There wasn't much and I bought it all from Col Bill.

A bit blurry, but here we have Ainsty Castings Jetty Catwalk.......not quite sure why I
 bought these, but they should add a little splash to our games.

I bought these two Belt Fed figures, Moll Cutpurse and Elizabeth I
to paint up in the coming Painting Challenge, I hope I can squeeze them in in a bonus round or two??

The same goes for these two packs...

absolutely no use what so ever on the wargaming table, but still a total must!!

Lastly....once again from Col Bill, 6 packs of 15mm NYW figures
5 packs are from Donnington minis, which I'm gonna need a few command for, hopefully I'll pick them up at SELWG, if Donnington are going that is??
And 1 pack of Essex French Dragoons, not sure if I actually need them, but I just couldn't resist!!
I also picked up 4 25mm figures from their bits box. Two Reiver NYW pikeman and 2 Depot Battalion, 7YW seated casualties.

Last but certainly not least is this wonderful book, I've had a quick flick through
and its already given me a few ideas. Buccaneers of the Caribbean was actually a 
very fine gift from fellow blogger Dave Crook!!

Thank you Dave!!