Saturday, 18 April 2015

FIW Skirmish - The Battle of Brodie Bridge 1758

 3 Rejects got together for a FIW skirmish at Posties the weekend before last.
We pulled sides outta the hat. Ian ans Surj got the French & Indians and I got the British and Provincials.
We used Posties own skirmish rules....

6th July 1758 somewhere in the Ohio Valley....

A small hamlet has grown around Farmer Brodies farm. 
The French and Indians task is to destroy the settlement, quite plane and simple!
The Brits have to survive!

The British has recently finished a small fort to garrison the area and protect the settlers. 
The 44th Foot have been tasked with protecting the area.

A small company of Virginia Provincial's patrol the roads.

While another company, guards the bridge, what a minute??
what was that noise???

Uh oh!!
A company of french regulars from the Guyunne regt, appear on the road.
And some Indians are also skulking in the woods.

I fired a warning shot, to alert the rest of my troops.

Who started off up the road towards the bridge.

 A small company of Rangers, were guarding the farm buildings.

Also altered by the shot were a 2nd company of Rangers, who stared to move up.

A very large force of Indians and the Montreal Militia moved through the woods, towards the
Rangers, who are now set up on the edge of the woods.

Its a long way up the table!!!

I moved my Provincials back over the bridge, there seems to be a lot of them????

The Indians give fire first

And I lose 4 men!!

Ian screams out of the woods!!

Its my turn to fire. I didn't hit a thing!!

I started to move the wagon up towards the bridge, Surj and Ian thought I was 
going to try and blow the bridge, so I just let them think so??

The Indians move up  and take the bridge.

And I laughed!!
Surj had forgotten to move one of his Indians, he'd left poor Lonsome Wolf
hiding behind a tree.

I took a pot-shot and Surj Indian chief I needed an 18+ on a D20.
Get in there I threw a 19. Surj was rather miffed!!!

Infact he was so miffed, he charged the poor settler who shot his leader, and killed him.
Then the Indians failed a morale check and retreated one move, much to my delight.

Things weren't going very well for the Rangers either??

I pulled my remaining front line Rangers back and made a 2nd line
with the 2nd company.

With the Indians out of the way, regt Guyanne moved to the bridge.

Meanwhile the 44th finally make it close to the bridge and form a line.

The Indians storm on through the woods.

von Postie posing!

My last two remaining Provincials give fire but fail there morale and disperse.

We both form a defensive line.


Ian moves over the fences to attack my settlers.
I attacked a French figure, who just happened to be the French commander with....
a women with a bucket!! (by the door of the building above)
I thought I'd won when Ian rolled snake eyes, but as you would expect a women with a bucket has a few minuses. We drew the first round then Ian broke the bucket over the poor ladies head!

We faced each other off....

All through the game, the Indians and French kept winning the initiative.
And killed my troops before they managed to fire back.

Things really started going their way. My settlers fail a morale check and move back for 3 turns!

I kept being out-maneuvered, so I pulled back again.

I was gradually being reduced with nowhere to hide.

I had my best fire of the day and sent 4 Frenchmen to the devil.

Ian charged again with his Indians, killing more men.

Once again I had an excellent turn of fire, and battered the French.

But it was all too late, I may have won the Battle at the Bridge, but
everywhere else i was running.
So the towel was thrown in and the win goes to Surj and Ian!

Monday, 13 April 2015

RP No168 Loki Greathallson

Another small entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge was this fine looking fellow, I bought this figure maybe 10+ years ago and have had him undercoated for nearly as long!
You may recognize the figure a Wargames Foundry figure as the avatar from fellow blogger Andrew Saunders of Loki's Greathall fame. So in honour of his extremely well painted figure, I name mine as the son of Loki..........Loki Greathallson. And on Loki's shoulder is his long suffering pet Raven called Kev!